• Meditation on Loving Kindness

  • Now let’s practice the “Meditation on Loving Kindness” together. Please sit up straight, with your hands in the form of meditative absorption, or put your palms down on your knees. Relax yourself, ...

[As written by Acharya] The Venerable Yinguang first mentioned that “To learn Buddhism, one must dedicatedly carry out one’s human responsibilities”, meaning that if we want to achieve accomplishment on Dharma practice, we need to first be a good person; if we fail in this, it’ll be very difficult to attain Buddhahood.

On the first and fifteenth of each month of the Lunar calendar, many people would eat vegeterian, chant Buddhas’ names, prostrate to Buddhas and make offerings to Buddhas with incense, hoping to get blessings and protection from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. But how to get blessings and protection from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and receive a quick response? First of all, we need to abandon all evils and practice all virtues, and practice diligently on the basic moral principles for mankind such as filial piety, brotherly love, loyalty, truthfulness, propriety, righteousness, integrity and shamefulness.

(Excerpted from the first episode of Buddhist Practice for Laypeople by Acharya Zhiguang)

  • Guidance for Practicing

[Practice Guidance] The meaning of “Two persons on the same path” can be interpreted as your teacher, or the most important partner, or the most important person in your life having been supporting you and accompanying you on the journey of life. Of course, from the Buddhism point of view, what is the deeper meaning? It means that if you start Dharma practicing from today, you are not alone, instead, Kōbō-Daishi Kūkai and all the lineage ancestral masters of the past, and all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are all with you onto this path of practice, all the way until you attain nirvana and complete enlightenment. Therefore, either on the journey of life, or the path of practice, you are actually not alone, instead, there’re a lot of precious people who are here to stay with you and help you, so that you can reach the destination of a perfect life.

(Excerpted from Revelation of Shikoku Pilgrims on Life)